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As a Doctor-owned and directed company, MEDICAL MUTUAL understands the many different challenges that Practice Managers routinely face. Whether it’s keeping up with new laws and regulations, changing health care standards, patient-related service issues, or even the challenges of a global pandemic, Practice Managers are expected to be knowledgeable and decisive. That's why our Practice Manager Toolbox is here to support you and your practice with a variety of resources on timely and important topics. Click here to register.

What is the Practice Manager Toolbox and what is included?

The Practice Manager Toolbox is a convenient online resource specifically designed to provide relevant and timely guidance to Practice Managers on the wide variety of day-to-day scenarios faced at a busy medical practice. The resources provided through the Practice Manager Toolbox address important topics, such as practice operations, patient engagement, compliance, billing and insurance, cyber security, EHR optimization, and more. Example resources include: sample employee handbook, hiring forms, sample confidentiality agreement, risk management webinar videos, and informative articles. Practice Managers must register to get access to the Practice Manager Toolbox section of our website.

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Besides having access to an exclusive, members-only area of our website specifically designed for Practice Managers, upon registration, Practice Managers also can choose a free gift!